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The medical consultant will keep in touch with you for the year post operation to make sure everything is successfull.

Why Us

Ozel hospital turkey is considered amongst the top and oldest hospitals for hair transplanation in turkey
Since the begninig we have been the leaders in hair transplantation and we are adimnent to keep it this way .
Our specialized doctors are highly qualified in there respected fields ,we have chosen only the top doctors for our hospital.

State of the art techniques


Hair regrowht using the fue technqiue, it comprimises of removing the roots from the navel of the head using the micro motor.

Saphire Tecnhqiue

Saphire technique differenciates by creating small channless using a 1.3mm pen which enables 7000 roots to be planted at once, this enables a faster healing process.

Dhi Technique

This technique enables 90 roots to be planted within a 2cm radius, hence making the sucess rate of hair re growth at 100 percent.

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Specialist shall determine the appropiante technique and send you the relevant details.

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    Questions & Answers Regarding Hair Transplants

    01. What is the hair transplant operation?
    It is the operation of transporting dead hair folllicles and roots from the navel area of the head to the effected area using 3 different tecnniques, this is determined and conducted by a specialist doctor.
    02. Are you able to regrow your hair in painful and scared areas?
    Yes you are able to regrow hair in such areas as long as pre mediated precautions are made,the doctor will determine if there are special circumstances.
    03. Can women regrow there hair?
    Yes, women can regrow there hair and it has shown that they have a great success rate aswell in this operation.
    04. Is the operation painful?
    In the previous years, its has proved to be painful but with our new developed techonology we have removed all factors of pain associated with the operation.